Nov 13, 2010

Why me??

Am I deserve to be in that position?

Someone please answer it.

Am I that good?

Someone please answer it.
I never do this before. Usually I was the one who on the stage, but this time off the stage, can i be as good as when I'm on the stage?

Someone please answer it.

All this years, he's the one who gave me everything things that I want to be perfect when I'm on stage. 

I think this time I should accept his offer and (at least) pay him back for what he had done to me although what he had gave to me is far more better than what I had gave to him. =)

I should grow up and i will try my best and challenge myself and push it to the limit.

p/s: cik amad, this time we're on the same league..haha..

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