Jan 27, 2010


mi not a good man better man for you girl,
mi sorry for the wrong that i done to you girl,
all that you been hurting,
mi always make sad, make mad,
all the promise that mi made, that mi break,
in this kind of situation,
when you need a full attention,
mi always cant be there, cant be there,
dont mean dont care,
mi got full of thing on mind that mi want to clarify,
mi fell your loneliness...

if i dont care for you...
then why you have ma love...
i do care for you...

and i know, i do care...
yes i know, i do care...

-reggae soul from reditumerah-


OoizzioO said...

adeq jiwang
nice ayaaat!

reditumerah said...

mane de jiwang..

OoizzioO said...

aku paham
skrg mmg tgh musim peak mengawan
take time dude

reditumerah said...

ni lirik lagu la izzi..
ak x pndi nk berkarya sebagus ni..

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