Nov 4, 2008



Mi see inna the world no nice,
Why they all be so fool, why they all be so fool,
They fussing and fighting, cheating backbiting,

I want to know,
All the stronger want to conquer the world,
And the weakness be slavery,
with no smile we see.

I see mi life, mi want no trouble,
Mi massive all humans one another,
But they feet our son with the rude boy mind,
with the rude boy song, with the rude boy style,
Babylon no way to dung,
You no human can fight, you stand alone,
We belongs together be as one,
Make love one to another.

We been trick by the evil,
with the words of peace and harmony,
No slavery no happiness,
No chain on my feet but no freedom.

I want to know,
Love will make the strong to kind to a weak,
Come on world come together to love,
Lets make the devil fall.

Give mi love and i will stand strong,
Only it can make, Us carry on

-reggae soul from reditumerah-


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