Nov 18, 2008


reggae is one music that i really love! why? because it makes me relax and realize that what really matters in this whole wide world is love!

i love reggae since i was in high school. yup, no one in my school that i'm aware of, have the same passion. maybe i haven't ask around that much, but people relate reggae with weeds. oh, come on! u shouldn't be prejudice! if people love hardcore music, then they are hardheaded? if they love jazz, then they are smart? if they love hip hop or rap, they are the coolest? come on! your minds have greater potential than that. use it wisely!

i love reggae because its beat rhyme singularly with me... they flow together... dup dap dup dap dup dap... it makes me feel good... and the lyrics, they are not rebellious like u might think. MAYBE bob was rebellious (in a way) and he used his lyrics to speak his mind, but most of them are purely about love, about being humans who need love and peace in their life, just like me! i need love, that's why i care so much about my dad, my mom, my sister, my brothers, my best friends, my friends and everybody else.

All i care about is being a good human being and care about others. maybe most of us don't care, but what we choose reflects who we are exactly. so, choose wisely... but who knows, i may have chose the wrong option. i believe that i will get the right answer to it later, but for today, that's what reggae is to me!

-reggae soul from reditumerah-


hadio69 said...

darah reggae pekat mengalir dalam tubuh hakim! yeah! hehe

reditumerah said...

peace, love & harmony..

-shak- said...

weed is a good thing..
it helps people relax..
peace, love & harmony, bro!

you dont get addicted to ganja..
the level of dependency is way lower than heroin or cocaine..

besides in the 60's and 70's people used to smoke weed like smoking a cigarettes..and people in that time were cool..

gua tgh kempen ni..
kempen penggunaan ganja dgn betul demi keamanan dunia..haha

reditumerah said...

mcm dh besa lyn weed ja..
papa hidup kna enjoy..
bru lyn..
peace, love & harmony..

lazy_rasta said...

reggae for life....

igtkan aku sorang je malaysia yg minat reggae...

one love...

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