Jun 9, 2011

Happy yet Dissapointed

OMG!!! Euphonious 2011 is just around the corner...although i used to be performing on the stage but this time is not the same dow...this is my second time joining this Euphonious or so called Battle of the Band..last year was my time joining this event and it was a disaster for my previous band...but this time, i think with my new band, we can do lots more better than last time..hahah...

i just came back from the jamming session with my band and the result is quite nice although there are some problems but we still have tomorrow session and we will try to improve our skills and it will be our last session before Euphonious Prelims which will be held on this weekend...our session is on Saturday morning, 10.30am...argh!!!! once again i have to perform in the morning session!!! no one gonna be there to watch us la!!!! weekend ok!!! people won't wake up that early..hahah...but no matter what happen, we are going to kick some ass yaw!!!! make sure that u all will be there to support us!!!!

Actually, the reason why i wrote this post is to tell U, yes U, a secret..but i hope that u won't read my post (nobody gonna read by blog because I'm a not famous blogger OK!)..hahaha..actually, i don't really know what kind of feeling that really hit me so hard lately...before this we were just a friend, nothing more than that, but suddenly, i don't know how come that we are getting closer and closer..i started to feel that u r more than just a friend...i try to tell u the truth about my feelings, but to tell u the truth..I'm a COWARD..seriously, i don't have enough guts to tell u how i feel about you..because of what? because i don't want to be disappointed once again..haih...but it's ok with me..i think that it's ok for us to be friends just like always..because i know that there are many guys out there who are better than me which can make u happier..and u know what, i hope that u will couple with the guys that u always hang out with so that i won't have this kind of feeling towards you anymore.. =)

because of my cowardness, i always express my feeling towards u through song that i play on my guitar..and u know what, both of the song that I'm going to play during Eupho are dedicate to you...i thought that u will be there to support me...but..haih...nothing much to say...just a disappointment...but i understand that u got more important things to do and  it's ok for me dow...no matter what happen, i will always kept your wish in my heart and I'm going to try my best during that morning...thank you =)

p/s: this is my 1st time writing a long post in English...still learning to improve my English language =)


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